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About Me

photoMy name is Allison Miller. I am a photojournalism senior at the University of North Texas with a minor in Spanish. When I first started at UNT, I was a photography major. My love for photography bloomed in high school when I took a photography class with a wonderful teacher, Mr. Grimm. He made photography come alive for me. I learned so much in that class and immediately had a hunger for more knowledge.

When I arrived at UNT and enrolled in classes, I discovered that photography was in the art department, which required courses like Drawing, Design, Figure Drawing, Painting, etc. Those are talents that I did not (and still do not) possess. I can doodle in my notebook just fine, but when it comes to drawing still life and making a bowl of fruit look appetizing, I have no talent. After barely making it through the semester, I quickly searched for alternative options that would still allow me to enjoy my passion of photography.

I stumbled across photojournalism. The funniest part to me is that when I started in the Mayborn School or Journalism, I was dead set on becoming a photographer. I don’t think I understood what photojournalism really meant. After a few courses, I realized how much writing was involved. Fortunately for me, I was always a decent writer. I can’t make fruit look appetizing, but I sure can make it sound delicious.

Over the 3 and a half years I spent studying photojournalism, my passion evolved into the photojournalistic style of photography: capturing a moment, telling a story, captivating an audience. After a magazine production course and a multimedia course, my love for the computer side of this field grew immensely. My passion now lies in telling a story through the senses; hearing the story, seeing the story, feeling the story.

My hope now is to find a job where I can use my passion and my developed skills to change the world. I want to spread knowledge and awareness to the people. I want to make an impact on families and communities. I am quickly approaching graduation and have never felt so many emotions at one time. Here’s to the future!


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